La Honda Films is a family company whose projects extend through the years & beyond film. A close-knit cross-generational group of minds collaborates on script, soundtrack, & every aspect of production—to tell a good story, and to tell it beautifully. Movies have a great power to influence, inspire, and divert. We aim to create in a way that inspires you to view the world differently.

Patricia Grant, is a lifelong entrepreneur and film buff who has opened a restaurant and managed her family’s business since 1975.

Michael Grant, with a background in software engineering, owns and operates his own company.

Grace Grant, brings an anthropological perspective to the scripts with a degree of SOAS, University of London. She can also be seen growing up in our films!

Sergio Toglilatti, is an accomplished musician , writer and lecturer. His interest in the Mayan culture has inspired us to produce a film about this mysterious culture.

Bella Toglilatti, comes from a background in dance and the arts. She has been an active fundraiser in the community.