California Tango

  • Cast

  • Sergio Togliatti as Gaucho
  • Mickey Casab as Alphonse Moyers
  • Albert Martinez as Ponti – Paco
  • Larry Laverty as Pete Giancarlo
  • Brian Levy as Larry Del Papa
  • Rosie Cruz as Trudy Moyers
  • Crew

  • Directed, Elanor Togliatti
  • Producer, Pat Grant
  • Producer, Susan Togliatti
  • Music, Sergio Togliatti
  • Cinematography, Susie Kitfox
  • Film Editing, Elanor Togliatti
  • Location Management, Elanor Togliatti

An odd town distracted by infighting, a wife on cat medication, & a mysterious girl on horseback- Gaucho’s world was busy enough without the ghost of Che Guavara teaching him the real meaning of tango. This ensemble comedy-drama hits home with relatable anecdotes of small-town life.

During a long weekend at the home of Carlo’s mentor events come to a head. A professional adversary attacks Carlo and in the process reveals himself as an ancient enemy of Black Wolf. As the weekend culminates in a wild,
frenzied party, Carlo/Black Wolf locks horns with this adversary in the explosive conclusion of La Honda Films’ first film.