Team Sport

Imagine a room full of animated people all talking at once.  

                 “It’s all about the script.”    

                                                                              “No way, it’s all about the acting.”                                                          

 “Are you kidding?  The director is the vision. Everyone knows it’s the director’s baby.”                                                                                        

 “Without the sound you don’t have a film.”                                        

 “Oh, yeah. Try to do it without an editor.”

What a cacophony of voices, each claiming dominance. And yet, once the cameras roll, it all comes together to create something wonderful. Movies are truly a group effort.  So many individuals coming together for one purpose – to put together a work of art. 

If you think about it, watching movies is also something enjoyed more with others than alone. There’s a special feeling you get when the lights go out and the audience gets quiet. That moment when we all break out in laughter or share a sense of awe can be electric.  

So, whether you’re at the local cinema or home for family movie night, pop up the popcorn, get comfy in your seat and enjoy the show.


Films Can Be Called Living Dreams…

They reflect a world just beyond the one we live in–real and unreal at the same time.  A movie can transport us to other times and places…break our hearts or make us laugh out loud. They are a wonderful example of what can be accomplished with collaborative effort.

Picture and sound meld and become more than the sum of their parts. We’ve all felt emotions being elicited by images but that can be greatly enhanced by music. Talkies changed the world, but even before people were talking on screen the music was adding its own flavors.

When we head to the cinema, we have expectations. We want to be entertained, uplifted, amused. Sometimes we need a good cry.  Or, maybe we’re looking to have our minds blown with some out-of-the-box ideas. No matter what motivates us, it’s worth consideration that the film began as someone’s dream. They are taking us on their journey and that can be quite a ride.



. . . and stretch your consciousness.  It’s true we tend to spin around on about 10 synaptic pathways. Enjoying them as old friends who require no thought — ah, the simplicity of repetition!

Wake up! Start the motor going. Read something new. Study something you don’t know. Delve deeper.  Ask yourself the hard questions. The world of spirit is all around you. . . waiting for you to say ‘Good morning. How can I be of service?’

Somebody is always telling us an inner truth. It’s our duty to figure that out. Be constant, be gentle, be persevering.

Always remember you are a great soul.