La Honda Films

About the Company

La Honda Films is a family company whose projects extend through the years & beyond media. A close-knit cross-generational group of minds collaborates on script, soundtrack, & every aspect of production—to tell a good story, and to tell it beautifully. Movies have a great power to influence, inspire, and divert. We aim to create in a way that inspires you to view the world differently.

Our Films

The Sorcerer

A mysterious man convinces a lecherous priest commit suicide & work off his karmic debts, while he evades an ancient enemy with the help of his ghostly friends and the mother of the boy he saved.

California Tango

The ghost of Che Guevara appears to an Argentinian man in California, who is plagued by the strangeness & conflict of his small coastal town.

Buffalo Hearts

A Native American chief is transported from his hunt, into the mind of a young man in modern San Francisco, revealing to him a deeper reality.