Buffalo Hearts

  • Cast

  • David Carr-Berry as Black Wolf / Carlo
  • Annie Worden as Gina Morghana
  • Sergio Togliatti as Professor Ciano
  • Michael Grant as Professor DiAbolo
  • Siobhan Togliatti as Mrs. Ciano
  • Crew

  • Directed by Elanor Togliatti
  • Producer, Pat Grant
  • Producer, Susan Togliatti
  • Music by Sergio Togliatti
  • Cinematography by Susie Kitfox
  • Film Editing by Elanor Togliatti
  • Location Management Elanor Togliatti

In 1803, Cheyenne Chief Black Wolf sets out on a vision quest to study the future. He passes through a dimensional gate into the world of the 21st Century where he discovers his modern incarnation, the student Carlo Genovese. Black Wolf’s ghostly intrusion into Carlo’s world creates a series of interpersonal difficulties, including drawing a divide from his beloved Gina.

During a long weekend at the home of Carlo’s mentor events come to a head. A professional adversary attacks Carlo and in the process reveals himself as an ancient enemy of Black Wolf. As the weekend culminates in a wild, frenzied party, Carlo/Black Wolf locks horns with this adversary in the explosive conclusion of La Honda Films’ first film.