The Sorcerer

  • Cast

  • Sergio Togliatti as Omar Nay
  • John Gross as Marty Cameron
  • Siobhan Togliatti as Maggie Cameron
  • Paul Supplee as Gregorii
  • Grace Arwen Grant as Carrie
  • Crew

  • Directed, Elanor Togliatti
  • Producer, Pat Grant
  • Producer, Sergio Togliatti
  • Producer, Sergio Togliatti
  • Music by Sergio Togliatti
  • Cinematography, Susie Kitfox
  • Film Editing, Elanor Togliatti
  • Music Editor, Jim Lively …

Omar Ney, a modern Sufi mystic in an ancient Brotherhood of Magi, is up against the wall of fate. Ambitious paparazzi want to expose and discredit him to the world as a fraud, while his attention is brought to local priest with unsettling predilections.

Almost 200 years-old and near the end of his days, his life’s work is unraveling around him. In eclectic Santa Cruz during the Christmas season, with Taher the gypsy and Cordon the seagull for allies, Omar and Maggie confront their greatest threat from an evil world—and share a bond deeper than romantic love.